The project

Choose... a lifestyle

Choosing a boutique apartment means getting the luxury of a condo, but without the commitment.

  • A peaceful yet urban setting
  • Modern and streamlined design
  • A focus on space and natural light
  • Full soundproofing

With its boutique apartments, Prével gives people who are on-the-go a cozy pied-a-terre that fits their needs and without any sacrifice to their active lifestyles. You'll also enjoy the charm of our many common areas.  

Choose... design

This modern building stands tall among Old Montreal's classic architecture. When you choose a boutique apartment, you dive into a world of ambiance. You can also take things up or down a notch as you choose, as a wide range of culinary and cultural discoveries await just outside your door. Here, life is independent, spontaneous and free.

  • Refined atmosphere
  • Ground-floor lounge
  • Rooftop pool
  • Private exercise room
  • Parking ($)


The Square ... restaurants at the ground floor

 Tejano BBQ Burrito is a simple, fun and creative TexMex Burrito shop

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